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This method is well suited for new full dentures that are to be made as well as for poorly fitting existing full dentures. Dent we consider the interaction between oral and general health and furthermore we think holistically. Bahrenfeld in addition, we offer you the following special features. dent in addition, we offer you the following special features. In this way, the basic structure is gradually covered with gold so that the inlay or a crown has an extremely precise bit. Dent
There we will clarify your dental problem and explain the examination and possible treatment to you. Dent
Dent with this you can avoid diseases and complex treatments right from the start in order to preserve your own teeth. We always use a special therapy method dent partial dentures consist of two "components" when made using the cone technique, a conically shaped inner and outer part and the one firmly bonded to the natural tooth structure that is attached to it

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Good experiences can unlearn the fear of the dentist. Dent so that you can continue to smile effortlessly, we have created our dentistry spectrum broadly and show you various qualified treatment options dent experienced and comprehensively qualified doctors and dentists, high-quality technical equipment We can measure and adjust the treatment and pocket depth with special probes. dental implants hamburg if you wish, we can advise you in a separate room that does not contain any dental equipment. Dent Very few people go to the dentist completely carefree dental implants hamburg this method is well suited for new full dentures that are to be made as well as for poorly fitting existing full dentures dent our dental practice has state-of-the-art technical equipment.
dental implants hamburg galvano dentures are also very easy to tolerate. Dent galvano dentures are also very easy to tolerate. We have also included special treatments and techniques that make you much more comfortable and usually facilitate therapy. Dent entire rows of teeth or full dentures can be stably fixed with implants. Dent the jawbone loses density and height in periodontitis. Dent bahrenfeld the majority of our patients can with this careful preparation of our prudent care. Dent our practice offers you an original concept: mini implants. Inlays and crowns are made in a galvanic bath, hence the name. Hamburg-Ottensen since the chemical roots of the tooth are narrower, the procedure is carried out more cautiously. Dent.

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